The Association offers three different classes of membership.

Corporate Membership

To be eligible for a Corporate Membership, the applicant must meet the following criteria and be approved by the Executive Board Members:

The applicants core business activity is contracting to federal, state and local government as well as the private industry sector to provide services relating to sanitation, waste management, recycling and secondary reprocessing and resource management as well as the demolition and other related disciplines, transfer or disposal of waste materials in Queensland.

Associate Membership

An entity lawfully conducting an ancillary waste or secondary resource recovery processing activity and accepting third party wastes, as part of its normal core business operations. ie Abattoir with integrated composting operation, chicken farm with waste to energy facility shall be eligible to be an associate member if they meet such criteria. Associate member representatives may attend general meetings in an observer capacity and can serve on a special interest sub group, but shall not nominate or be nominated for the Executive Committee and shall have no other formal voting rights.

Completed memberships are to be emailed to

WRIQ Corporate Membership Application

WRIQ Associate Membership Application

WRIQ Individual Membership Application