WRIQ (Waste & Recycling Industry of Queensland) is the industry’s association in Queensland, representing more than 90 Queensland-based organisations ranging from large multi-national organisations through to small family owned and operated businesses.

WRIQ also advocates on behalf of the waste and recycling industry which contributes over $1.5 billion to the Queensland Gross State Product, supports over 11,800 jobs in Queensland and pays over $158 million in taxes and rates to government including Councils.

WRIQ works with, and provides information to, industry stakeholders in a wide range of legislative and regulatory issues to provide advocacy for members and the industry broadly on issues that impact our members’ ability to provide quality services to customers in a safe and sustainable manner.

Queensland’s waste management and recycled resources industry provides essential infrastructure and services for the efficient collection and processing of wastes from all locations throughout Queensland and every type of industry. The sector also recovers valuable secondary resources from glass, plastics, metals and paper and cardboard for reuse in new manufactured products both domestically and internationally, driving a circular economy and directly contributing to the economic growth of the State.